Prayer for 2010

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” Zech. 4:10  The brush that starts a bond fire needs careful attention. This is where the ministry is now and unless these early stages are cared for, the embers will go out.

During the holiday break I am praying for new insight to fan the flame. Already I am seeing some plans unfold to bring more culture to the early stages of the fellowship. But what I need from this planning period are the things I would of never imagined. Ideas that don’t originate in me, but in Creator God, Elohim.

2010 will be a pivotal year, there is no way around it. There’s no need for a time travel devise to see that. Will I be in the correct posture to accomplish all that God wants? Will He begin to pour out His Spirit in the unique way that break the yokes of naysayers, opens wide the hearts of the truth-seekers, and sets aflame the places of worship?

Lord, You are not especially into being favorable to men for men’s sake. Your into working through whoever is willing to be used, to accomplish your goal, and to glorify Yourself. I understand. And I don’t really need to known or see what you have planned. But Lord I want to participate. I don’t want to be on the sideline when you move and change the landscape of this city. Lord, I want to be with you, doing your menial chores if necessary. Lord, don’t let my desire to see you move wane. Lord, make a promise to me like you made with Simeon concerning your coming. Let me see your Life revitalize this city in a way that will change the nations.

Lord, break the molds of our perceptions of what you could do with us. Exceedingly, abundantly, more than what we could ask or imagine. Lord, let us use the advantages of this age to fuel life to every area of darkness of this world. Let the broken Pastor be entrusted with more, let the visions increase, let the plans unfold, let the heralds pour out of places of worship, let the workers loose into the fields.

Have your way in us, let us walk the corridors of Your Kingdom in boldness. In Jesus Name.


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