A Flat Tire and Getting Free 4-22-09


Saw a person on the side of the road today changing their tire like they knew what they were doing. It surprised me… I’m sure only a few minutes after I passed them they were done and back on with their day.

Made me think of life.

How we need to be the type of people that when a tire goes flat we are equipped with the know-how and tools to safely pull off the road, change the tire, and keep movin’.

Can’t be the crying person on the side of the road with all kinds of stuff from the trunk laying all over the place.



Traumatic spiritual situations that cause great stress happen in the most inappropriate times. As an aspect of our spiritual health we need to have a consistent secret life before God and a proactive accountability network.

These two facets of our life will help us when we have trouble.

When a hectic situation happens and you have been with God in the secret place and you have been open to someone else on a deep accountable level, you will have someone you can call and help you get back on the right track again. When you neglect that constant accountability you will find yourself broken down not knowing what your going to do.

Be wise find your accountability partner… God has already put them in your life just set up a conversation and get free.


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