freedom awaits

At least a third of the people who read the following statement will find it offensive. They’ll turn red and fume and not come back to this sight. Another third will at first be agitated, eventually agree, and find the freedom and grace from it. The last third will say an “amen” and keep on keeping on. It’s divisive, but worth saying because the implications are too big to fully understand and the concept is so often talked about we might be tempted to skip over the importance of it. Ready?

Church is not a place, it’s a people. 

Let’s take that concept and let it take a little root in us and test it out for a few moments, let’s see what we come up with.

Okay, so if we are the Church and it’s not a place, then what about our meetings? What about our fancy Sunday clothes? What about all the jobs that people have in “the church”? What about the buildings we bought? What about our tithes?

Well if it’s not a meeting and it’s not a building and it’s me then… how am I suppose to live? Who’s gunna comfort me spiritually? What about the songs we like to sing together? Who’s gunna teach my kids about Jesus? Who’s gunna get my neighbor ‘saved’? Who do I depend on when times are tough? Who am I suppose to vote for? What am I suppose to believe? What is God saying to me? Who is going to pray for me? Which movies am I suppose to watch? Ahhh?

Troublesome huh?

I was just kidding, the church is place to go on Sunday, if you go hear an inspiring message you’ll be inspired to be a good person and you’ll make it to heaven- when you die you’ll become an Angel.  


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