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Flooding the Thrown Room ~ Feb. 2009

A few years ago a prophetess visited our church from Italy. She said that she had a word from the Lord that “we had lifted up many prayers to God.”

Until recently I was not encouraged by this word. I thought it was kind of vain. But recently I realized that if God alter-of-insense2knew how much we asked of Him that this must be an honorable thing.

To ask of God is to need God. I want to need God. I want God to be needed.

Thinking about what James says lately also has encouraged me. James says by the Holy Spirit that, “You do not have because you do not ask God.(James 4:2)” So now I realize since my prayers are being heard I will flood the throne of Heaven beseeching God for all that He might desire. I do not want one stone to be left unturned if by my faith God can change this world.

So Lord help me hear you so I agree with you. By the Blood of Jesus.


What if the only thing wrong with THAT church is it’s missing YOUR prayers?

Bible Devotions

Unwelcome Guests

While recently being more intimatly aware of the unspoken side of Christian faith, deliverance. I have become more and more aware of how it all works. Luke 11:24 speaks about how unclean spirits seek to find a place to rest. This simple concept speaks volumes. For you to find rest in a hotel with your spouse over the weekend there are probably some standards that you guyshiking trail have. For example, my standards are different than my wives. I could stand to stay in a roach motel and save about 75 dollars comparitivly speaking. But, because of my wife’s desires and comfort levels I will spend a little more so we will both be comfortable. My comfort will come from her being satisfied.

So, for an evil spirit to dwell in the life of a person there must be a level of welcome to that spirit. Unforgivness and unrepentant sin are two major areas also any association with false religions or the occult. But what Luke 11:14-28 points to is what I would describe as closing off all areas of welcome.

Imagine a mountian with many roads that have been cut out of the mountain for cars to travel. That is the access we can leave for unwanted guests. We can invite Jesus into our lives to dwell on our “mountain”, but He will not remove the access points we created. With His help they can be removed, but we must acknowledge our areas of sin and repent. Ultimatly, in light of deliverance ministry, the mountian that represents our lives must be swept clean of any unwelcome guests and the access roads must be removed from the sides of our mountains so that no other unwanted guests would make it home.

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Bible Devotions


Isaiah 62:6-7   


6 I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem;
       they will never be silent day or night.
       You who call on the LORD,
       give yourselves no rest,

    7 and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem
       and makes her the praise of the earth.


My Eyes are on You Lord

"What are you still doing here."
"What are you still doing here?"

This frightened me when I saw it on top of the ladder at my day job.  Seen it a few times in the past few years at work. But today it had the prophetic edge that shook me up.

Over lunch today I met with a local Pastor who I feel a new call to lend my services to. Just nailed down a date for a new prayer movement two days ago.

Heard a word from the Lord a few days ago that He was “putting me in a postion to have one mission and one mind.”

Had a talk with the wife and now the clock is ticking…

My eyes are on you Lord.