The Sentry

In The New Avengers, a comic distributed through Marvel, a story of one of the most powerful heroes emerges. He is The Sentry, a hero who has the power of a thousand exploding suns. But there is a problem… Captain America and the (New) Avengers find him totally useless and secluded from the known world. In discovering him and talking with him they come to figure out that he has been brain washed and that he has been tricked into using his own thinking to hinder himself from using his powers. He literally uses his own powers to beat himself up.  Ultimately the most powerful super hero becomes unable to funtion and even forgets who he is.      

Today after a long day of spiritual activity I can completely relate to the Sentry’s problem. My mind is roaring telling me all kinds of things that hinder my ability to function.  I wonder how much of my life is completely disabled because I beat myself up with my own fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear…    It is very easy to point the finger when we find ourselves unfulfilled. We may first point at the Devil, we may point to the one whom raised us, we may even point a finger at our creator.  But today I find myself as The Sentry pointing my finger at myself.    I am the one who hinders my own joy. I set myself up for failure, making high standards that are unreachable. It seams like my mind doesn’t want to believe that I can just cease striving and know…  I want to achieve. I want to do more than anyone else. I want to impress others.   But the truth is profoundly simple. Christ Jesus has died for my imperfection and redeemed my life.

So I recognize that I need a renewed mind, one that is not hindering the authority and power given in and through God. I recognize that my mind is the first target of the enemy and the most difficult part of my body to tame. So today I surrender my mind to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I want to be changed, I want to cease trying to succeed. I don’t want to achieve I want to recognize Christ’s achievement.    I want to be fully able to do even greater things than Christ because He goes to the Father.     

I want to have power of a thousand exploding suns. 


3 thoughts on “The Sentry

  1. i love a post extrapolating spiritual enrichment out of comic book characters. keep ’em coming, j!

    oh, and the sentry has the “power of a thousand exploding suns”

  2. Jason,

    I LOVE the new blog, man! This is fantastic! Congratulations, I will be checking in on a regular basis. Good to have you doing your thing here.

    And by the way, I especially loved this post!!!! Spiritual application from the New Avengers/Sentry current storyline? That’s what I’m talking about!

    Much Love,


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