Answered Prayer

A friend of mine from our Prayer Ministry, was telling me about an encounter they had concerning prayer, and I thought that it might be encouraging to you.

He was serving communion two months ago at our church, when a young lady came through the communion line, as she came through the line the Lord told him that she was sick, and that God wanted him to pray for her. He waited until the communion was over, and went directly to the young lady. Come to find out, that it was the young ladies first time visiting the church, and that in fact she had severe migraines that tormented her life. He prayed for her a couple of months ago, and had not heard from her since.

Until yesterday… he was sitting in a pew when in the greeting session of church, a young lady introduced herself as the one who he had prayed for. She said that her migraines were healed from that day forward. That she had mild headaches now but nothing like she had before.

If you needed to be reminded that prayer works… be encouraged, if you find yourself being obedient to God and wondering what will come of the situation, you can bet God will complete what He has set out to do. He does not instruct us for vanity, but for everlasting accomplishments.


One thought on “Answered Prayer

  1. good reminder that when we pray for healing and the people go home…it doesnt mean it “didnt happen”. we may or we may never get the good report back…we just have to be obedient to pray with the knowledge that Jesus told us to do it and by doing that already preloaded success into it…the Word will do the work.

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