Gospel of Love 6.5 of 21

These passage from John 6:26-71 is so very profound I almost sweat at the challenge of writing about them. For the most part each word and verse are so very profound that my interpretation or opinion about them is bound to be short sighted. With that being said, I highly recommend you read them for yourself. 

Jesus is speaking profound truth about Himself to a large group of His followers and to the religious skeptics. He shared with them that He was the life giving source that came from heaven that they must eat to live. Many followers turned away after Jesus shared this with them. For a people who didn’t eat any food with blood in it, they must of been freaked out to hear Jesus say “eat my flesh and drink my blood.”

Although at one time these words were once tough and brought division, they now bring freedom. 

John 6.5 <—Link here

I have to admit sometimes life can seem complicated. Where am I going? Who am I? How long will I live? Who really loves me?

Many people get so strung out over the broader questions of life that they just can’t hack it. They give up, in one of the many ways folks can.

The passages in John bring a simplicity to life that most everyone needs to hear, it’s the core component of the Gospel. Jesus is life, and the work that is needed to have life is to believe on the one God has sent, Jesus. This can be a hard saying to the seeker that seems too constricted. But, it’s the truth. A truth that might take years to set in.

I once lived a broad and complicated life trying to pursue career aspirations, while trying to guide my social life, while trying to satisfy my soul with things. I lived in constant internal chaos. Striving -seeking -wanting. Then all of a sudden as a response to a curiosity and a trying of God’s real existence in my reality, He showed up in an undeniable way.

After that, all of my life became re-ordered around this one concept -Jesus is life, real life. Relationship with Him became central to my existence.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God all these things will be added to you.” This became my reality. All that I have now, everything including my most precious family came as a gift of simple seeking Jesus first.

And today, after years of all kinds of other complicated stuff going on that could lead me into more complication and inner turmoil I re-arrive at this simple truth and do you know what I do?… I simple call on my sweet Jesus. And He shows up to bring peace and simplicity. Jesus is life.

(By the way- I’ve noticed that a handful of folks from other nations have been reading this blog. If you like what’s being said here share it with a friend. There is a share button below on the website, or you could forward the link. May the life of Christ bring rest to your soul today as you choose Him.)


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